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Tableau-what’s new in the template catalog

Let us show you the new and improved version 8.0 templates recently added to the CIC Analysis Portal

Template Catalog. Also, review updated CIC SQL tables available to you for easier visualization creation.

Changes have also been made to CIC’s Assessment tables in SQL to allow for seamless data connections

for those of you using CIC’s Assessment Best Practices. Last but not least, learn how to streamline

security setup in school‐level visualizations by utilizing techniques to sync existing Campus security

rights with Tableau. This is not a sales session, but rather an opportunity for existing users of Tableau to

learn about these new and improved features.

Data Health Check 4.0

Concerned that your data is not up to snuff to submit for state reports? Interested in more easily

identifying students without guardians, parents without email addresses, or students with unverified

attendance records? The CIC Data Health Check utilizes SQL Reporting Services and Ad Hoc tool to help

you quickly and easily identify errors in your data.


This session introduces attendees to the Infinite Campus dialer tool. Send emergency, attendance,

behavior or general phone and / or text messages from Infinite Campus. This fully integrated tool

requires no import or export of data and allows parents to update contact preferences via the Campus


These 2 sessions will be led by Stephen Hallman, Process Consultant/Infinite Campus

Multi-Year Academic Planner (MYAP) - This session will provide a demonstration and early look at the Multi Year Academic Planner. The Multi Year Academic Planner will replace the current Academic Planning tools. An enhanced Academic Program tool, course plan administration and reporting, progress reporting and cross school/year course requests will be demonstrated. The Multi Year Academic Planner is currently in development. A date for availability will be announced at the session.

Campus Instruction - This session will provide a demonstration and early look at Campus Instruction. Campus Instruction replaces all current tools under Instruction in the District Edition tool outline and will be a distinct browser-based app available to teacher users of District Edition. Campus Instruction is currently in development and also in closed beta. A date for availability will be announced at the session!