CSIS Board of Directors are members of the CSIS Users' Group that petition to run in a yearly election.

Each board member once elected serves for 3 years.  One third of the board is up for selection each year.

Current Board member are:
Office Name/Email School Term Expiration
President Meg Pfau Weld RE-1 June, 2023
Vice President Lorraine Baxter St. Vrain Valley Schools June, 2021
Secretary/Reporter Kim Bennett Adams 12 Five Star Schools June, 2022
Treasurer/Registrar Tina Madison Woodland Park School District June, 2022
WebmasterValerie HubertWeld RE-4 School District June, 2024
Webmaster Adam Lovell Aurora Public School District June, 2024 
Webmaster Melinda Trickey Morgan County RE-3 June, 2023